The Rye Brook / Greenwich Podiatrist is now using Cutera GenesisPlus™ - a patented laser device that is specifically designed to kill toe nail fungus. This high-tech laser is the most powerful laser for toe nail fungus on the market.

Westchester (Rye Brook) / Greenwich Podiatrist (Foot Surgeon) David P. Rosenzweig, DPM, PC is a Diplomate, America Board of Podiatric Surgery. The foot doctor has two state-of-the-art offices in both Rye Brook (Westchester County), New York and Greenwich Connecticut. The podiatrist / podiatric surgeon (foot doctor and foot surgeon) is a graduate of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in New York. Doctor Rosenzweig received his post graduate surgical residency training in foot surgery, sports medicine, and podiatric medicine from the Medical Arts Center Hospital (New York, New York).

The podiatrist's impressive credentials include Immediate Past President of the New York State Podiatric Medical Association (Tappan Zee Division), Former Chief of Podiatry Surgery at New York United Hospital Medical Center, as well as the Former Chairman of the Residency Selection Committee of the Medical Arts Center Hospital Residency Training Program of New York. The Podiatrist (foot doctor / foot surgeon) has been in private practice for over twenty-five years with offices in both Rye Brook, New York and Greenwich, Connecticut.

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Nail fungus has been recognized by the medical community as being a very difficult type of fungal infection to treat. Nail fungus is a cosmetic condition that most commonly affects the toenails. Risk factors for toenail fungus include age, male gender, diabetes, nail trauma, hyperhydrosis, peripheral vascular disease, athlete’s foot, immunodeficiency, poor hygiene, and habitual exposure of the toenails to water.   All nail fungus infections result in thickened, discolored, and distorted nails.

Whether you are young or old, healthy or ill, fungus can find its way into your toenail. Believe it or not, between 20 and 30 million Americans suffer from some variety of ongoing toenail fungus each year. With recent technological developments, podiatrists across the world have been able to take the fight to toenail fungus with laser therapy.

The Rye Brook / Greenwich Podiatrist is proud to announce that he will be using Cutera Genesis Plus Laser™ - a patented laser device that is specifically designed to kill toenail fungus. He is one of the 1st Foot Doctor in the North East to be using this technology - the treatments are fast and there is little reoccurring cost!

The Cutera GenesisPlus Laser, that Dr. Rosenzweig uses to cure toenail fungus is most powerful Nd:YAG laser for toenail fungus on the market and is FDA Approved. GenesisPlus technology is the culmination of more than a decade of experience and one of Cutera’s most advanced Nd:YAG laser systems. GenesisPlus — the premium laser for the treatment of toenail fungus — provides a fast and effective solution with little additional costs. GenesisPlus’ unique features make it the laser system of choice to maximize your return and effectively clear toenail fungus.

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To make an Cutera GenesisPlus™ Treatment for Fungal Nails appointment with the Podiatrist, David P. Rosenzweig, Board Certified in Podiatric Surgery to discuss fungal nails or foot pain or to diagnosis fungal nails please contact the Podiatrist at either his Rye Brook (Westchester County), New York or Greenwich, Connecticut office.

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